Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shopping List

When I was in youth group, we young women were encouraged to make ourselves "shopping lists" for our future determine what was important to us and consider that as we began dating. I still have a version I wrote in my diary in 2002 in high school. I present it to you completely unaltered:

"Traits required for my man: a strong Christian with good theology, loves the Lord, loves being in the word, musical, smarter than me but humble about it, sense of humor, romantic, knows when to be serious, is good with kids, good provider, good cook, honor and protect me, loves to read, adventurous, not prissy, no ego!!!, energetic, smiles alot, strong, understanding, guards my feelings and cherishes my opinions, sometimes silly, good driver, witty, not afraid of PDA, brave, loves outdoors, watches stars & clouds, good encourager, faithful and trustworthy, original, old-fashioned gentleman!, loves animals, good listener (knows when to shut up), is my best friend, has plenty of common sense, someone I can feel good about submitting to, loves me! Physical: Unique beautiful eyes, nice hands and feet, taller than me, nice teeth, toned-doesn't have to be buff, soft hair that he doesn't feel he needs to keep perfect all the time and lets me play with, no unibrows!, good overall hygiene, not too hairy"

A little bit dorky in its phrasing, but a pretty darn good list I'd say. I abandoned it for a time as unrealistic, to my detriment, and then forgot about it. But lo and behold! This is the man I ended up marrying. I'm blessed. He'd argue some of the points but I think it describes him rather well. :)


Ausmerican Housewife - Creating with Kara Davies said...

Hubby and I both had lists of what we'd like most in our spouse.

When we realized that the other was pretty much checking off every. single. thing. we knew this was much more than coincidence. On my 24th birthday while in Oz for a couple weeks vacation, hubby (then fiance) took me to a local koala sanctuary for a barbecued birthday breakfast we had printed out copies of our lists and burned them in the barbeque. Symbolic of "we've found each other, we're engaged to be married, planning our wedding and we don't need to look any more." It was good. :)

laurab said...

You are blessed indeed....and so is he. You two are a perfect team. Love you sis!